Defend Jax Families is a continuation of the 2012 Protect First Liberties  effort which helped defeat the 2012 LGBT favoritism ordinance.
           Jacksonville is the next city in the crosshairs of the national LGBT attack machine.  Read
here how the citizens of Houston defeated the unholy LGBT alliance.

  ​This Harmful Law.  If a LGBT law is enacted, here is what will happen – and why we must defeat it.

  • The term “Human Rights Ordinance” is a hoax.  This is a preferential treatment law.  It grants superior rights to LGBTs, while taking away rights from others.

  • The morality and the social fabric of the Community will decline.

  • Any church that opens its doors to non-members is a “Public Accommodation” and therefore not exempt.  Organizations with a religious mission to feed the homeless or arrange adoptions are exposed to liability for professing their beliefs.

  •  Men alleging a female gender will be free to enter women and children’s, dressing, locker, shower and restrooms  in "Public Accommodations" – an unstoppable crime opportunity which will be exploited by sexual predators.   “Women Only” facilities will cease to exist.  
              In some schools boys will be allowed to enter girls’ dressing, locker and shower areas, to expose themselves and to view girls in all stages of undress. 
              Rational concerns for modesty, privacy, and safety will be re-categorized as “discrimination” under the new (and far from settled) concept of “gender identity.”   The rights of the self-styled “female” mean everything, and the rights to privacy, modesty and safety of the many women and children mean nothing.

  •  All “Gender expression” is protected, so will be on display in public places and some schools, undermining themoral and religious training and values of children.  The LGBT law will override the principal obligation of parents: To protect their children.

  • The law governs facilities in all nurseries and preschools, and in any school or college including private religiousschools if they utilize the least public asset.

  •  Businesses will NOT be told what “gender expressions” they must tolerated to avoid prosecution – that is determined by the daily whim of the official “victim”.  So, owners will be sitting ducks for bankrupting lawsuits. 
              The 15-employee, small business exclusion will not apply in many cases, since many businesses are subject to the law as “Public Accommodations".

  • The law will curb Free Speech and Religious Speech against LGBT lifestyles.  It will compel government to punish those opposed to LGBT lifestyles.
              Anyone who dares express an anti-LGBT conviction (even one based on religious belief) in a consensual conversation is guilty of discrimination, if “discrimination” is perceived by someone overhearing it.

  • Businesses will be forced to provide services that ultimately support and promote LGBT lifestyles which ownersmay oppose on religious grounds.

  • Owners will suffer more lawsuits and government intrusion.  One “rights” complaint could easily exceed $20,000 in legal fees and costs, and produce financial ruin.

  •  LGBTs will receive preferences in hiring, layoffs and in housing disputes.

  • There is no objective, documented proof of discrimination.  City and judiciary costs will increase needlessly,wasting hard-earned taxpayer dollars. 

Many more details are given in the section Why This Law IS NOT JUSTIFIED.

What We Should Do

  • Contact District and At-Large council members and earnestly express your displeasure with the proposed ordinance.  Their email addresses are available here.

  • Please Donate.  Help our cause.  Funding is needed to stop this destructive ordinance.

Please donate here.  And feel free to send questions to DefendJaxFamilies@gmail.com.