Pastoral Press Conference Opposing LGBT Law

February 04, 2016

A press conference (above) immediately followed our strategic luncheon with 170 area pastors, all opposed to the proposed law.

In front of the podium are more than 7,000 petitions submitted by citizens opposed to the proposed LGBT law.

Ginger Soud (1), former City Council president, led the luncheon strategy session.  She was assisted by liberty experts who traveled great distances to assist us: Barronelle Stutzman (2), owner of Arlene’s Flowers, who has suffered LGBT and state tyranny due to a similar LGBT law; Pastor David Welch (3), executive director of the Houston Area Pastors Council, who helped defeat the Houston ordinance; Kellie Fiedorek (4), legal counsel with Alliance Defending Freedom, an expert on religious freedom; Roger K Gannam (5), Liberty Counsels senior litigation attorney, and John Stemberger (not shown), president and general counsel of Florida Family Policy Council, which is our principal partner in this fight.  We have other formidable alliances as well.

News reports of the day’s events and the subsequent City Council meeting can be found
here, and downloaded here.

About Us

Video above: During the February 04 press conference, church leaders stated their objections to the LGBT law. 

Photo: Detailed below are the backgrounds of some key speakers at the luncheon strategy meeting.

We are a broad alliance of Jacksonville citizens of all races, creeds and political beliefs, who oppose the proposed LGBT special preference law for the reasons detailed on the This Law is NOT JUSTIFIED page.

We have joined together to aid Community opposition to the proposal:

  • To urge Jacksonville citizens to fight this LGBT favoritism law through personal citizen action – by attendance at and speaking at the February 04, 18 and March 03 City Council meetings, and by your direct communications to all ​City Council members.
  • To provide Jacksonville citizens the information and tools they need to resist this unnecessary law.

Please consider
donating to this cause.  The funds will be used to help the Community oppose this harmful ordinance.

Here is the full media interview of leaders across the city of Jacksonville taking a stand against the HRO.

Posted by Evangel Temple on Thursday, February 4, 2016