2016Jan 20

In a WJCT interview Council President Greg Anderson announced that, during his "Committee of the Whole" meetings, the Public would be limited to 1-1/2 minutes each, half the time allotted during regular Council meetings.  And, if an individual submits a speaker card and is not heard, his name will go to the top of the list for the next meeting.  See http://news.wjct.org/post/lgbt-anti-discrimination-bills-go-through-special-hearing-process.

2016Jan15 (The UNF study remarkes were updated 2016Mar31)

Bishop Felipe Estevez of the Diocese of St. Augustine revealed in a January 11 letter to Mayor Curry the Catholic Church's unmistakable opposition to all forms of special LGBT favoritism laws.  Please find the story and letter on the Pastors' Page.  This letter is far more definitive than the Bishop's 2012 letter, which John Delaney misrepresented in order to advance the special LGBT rights law at that time.  This new letter is too definitive to be twisted. 

Also, John Delaney's UNF is conducting a new online survey of LGBTs, fully taxpayer funded, in the hope of proving that discrimination actually exists, to revive a dying case for the new LGBT ordinance.  See thorough critiques of this UNF survey here.

          All previous studies, principally the 2009 JCCI study, proved that discrimination (the type that might be remedied by the Hazouri law) is exceedingly rare.  Most offenses are mere verbal affronts, and the incidence rate on average for a given LGBT is one event every 20.4 years, according to analysis of the JCCI study.  See the Why This Law is NOT JUSTIFIED page.

          So, Mr Delaney and his LGBT allies are in a rush to find any manner of proof, no matter how questionable.  Unfortunately, such online surveys are entirely lacking in validity, since (1) they permit scores of entries by the same person and from ANY city; (2) require no proof, and (3) omit definitions for the claimed offenses (what is the difference between "Bullying", "Verbal Abuse" and "Teasing"?). 

           By means of a Pubic Records Law request, we have learned that the study was funded entirely by taxpayers to bolster one side, the Leftist side, of this contentious social issue, and that no UNF research of any kind was undertaken to assist the opposing side of this debate.  Public universities are Seminars for Leftism, graduating each year 10 million new Lefts who hate America, Capitalism, God and Republicans. 

2016Jan12.  Dispatch from the front lines: City Council.

Our field correspondents report from the January 12, 2016 Council meeting that:

1. Two additional Council members have signed on to the favored Gulliford-Carter bill, Al Ferraro and Sam Newby.  This is significant because it indicated an overall measure of support on the Council.  No additional members have joined the Hazouri-Bowman bill.

2.  When a Council member asked that visitors indicate support or opposition to expanding special LGBT rights by standing, there were twice as many attendees opposed to the Open Bathroom Bill.
            However, our people were reluctant to speak – We had only 22 speakers, whereas
the LGBTs had 45.  That must change!  It is easily fixed.  All an opponent has to do is review the talking point on this website, here, select a topic, study it, and present the topic during the Council hearing.
            And, we must have a similar or greater opposition force at the January 26 Council meeting.

3.  A speaker, identifying himself as Roy Bay, said that his personal experience, being molested by gays and his own molesting of children in St Louis restrooms, has led him to oppose extending special rights to LGBTs.  The ordinance would allow any man, claiming a female gender, to enter women’s and children’s restrooms in “public accommodations”, to view them in all stages of undress.  Facilities would include dressing, bath, shower and locker rooms and dormitories.  The Sheriff's Office is inquiring into the validity of the claimed molestations.

See the media reports here: