Guest column: Government oversteps on LGBT issues

By Philip Wemhoff Tue, Jun 7, 2016 @ 4:08 pm

Following the federal transgender “bathroom” mandate, Duval’s school superintendent revealed that he had implemented that LGBT manifesto years ago.

However, school policy goes beyond bathrooms, allowing males to enter female locker, shower and dressing rooms – viewing minor girls in all stages of undress – and to utilize dormitory and sleeping arrangements, if they’re part of
”any education program or activity”.

LGBT students aren’t required to prove gender identity.  Longstanding modesty and privacy rights are abolished, threatening student safety.  Thwarted is the foremost duty of parents: To protect their children.

The school board must support concerned Duval families, who, like
residents of many states, oppose the federal mandate.

Illinois activists ridicule security fears as “hysteria – the anatomy is the least important indication of gender”.  Michigan officials tell fearful girls “to look at the wall” and boys to stand closer to urinals.

Teen girls display far greater wisdom as
quoted in the “Now we have someone with male genitals in our girls’ locker room when we are changing”; “The locker room is already filled with so much judgment [we don’t need more]”; “It is unfair to infringe upon the rights of others to accommodate one person.”

Government “bathroom” edicts have immense, negative consequences:

  • Sex mingling within dressing facilities is an invasion of privacy, a civil offense which governmental bodies are unethically promoting.  Transgender “rights” mean everything, but the privacy, modesty and safety of the vast majority mean nothing.
  • Adaptations forced upon non-LGBT’s will be endless.  Williams Institute, the LGBT thinktank, defines 15 “genders” ; Facebook lists 71 genders, and New York City guarantees 31 “genders” that their feelings won’t be hurt.  Government, now the “protector of feelings”, must pander to an ever-expanding “gender” multitude.
  • Irresponsible public and private costs will soon multiply – without the slightest LGBT protest.  New York City considers the wrong transgender pronoun so hurtful that $250,000 fines are imposed to ensure submission.  EEOC now prosecutes “hurtful” behavior.  EEOC’s first persecution: A Minnesota business that restricted restrooms and used the “wrong gender pronouns”Taxpayer wages were squandered when $60,000 was awarded to an Oregon school employee, because the self-styled “transmaculine genderqueer” was addressed by the “wrong pronoun”.

Out-of-control government has outlawed “hurt feelings” – with all costs paid by taxpayers and illicit curbs on privacy, security and free speech.

The school board must rescind its harmful policy and await the outcomes of related lawsuits, which will likely overthrow the federal mandate.

Congressional testimony Civil Rights Commissioner and law professor Gail Heriot dismantled federal Title IX-based arguments:

  • Title IX rules disagree with the federal mandate, guaranteeing that “A recipient [school] may provide separate toilet, locker room and shower facilities on the basis of sex”.
  • Title IX covers biological sex only.  Not until decades after Title IX’s enactment was “transgender” (meaning adoption of traits) deliberately coined to contrast with “transsexual” (meaning sex transformation).  Thus, Title IX’s “sex” does not mean nor encompass “gender”.

ACLU director abruptly resigned, protesting the federal mandate as a violation of “women’s civil rights”.  Her turning-point: When transgender adults entered their restroom her “children were visibly frightened – concerned about their safety."

Males, posing as females, can dominate female

athletic teams, a condition which may deny

scholarships and playing opportunities to girls. 

And, opposing teams are angered by the injustice. 

This is the Left’s War on Women.  The photo

shows Nattaphon “Ice” Wangyot winning the champion-

ship.  He's a male who “identifies” as female.

The LGBT goal is widespread recognition as normal.  But, statistics-savvy LGBT leaders know that the “normal distribution curve” can never grant normalcy to LGBT lifestyles.

So, they seek an alternative: Employ the blunt force of government to fabricate the illusion of normalcy and crush all opposition.

To gain these ends their contemptible government allies eagerly nullify the Constitution, endanger children and swell the taxpayer burden.

Philip Wemhoff, a long-time Jacksonville resident, is a consultant and energy design expert with formal education in physics, economic analysis and business administration.  He is a member of

Transgender Bathrooms: School Board Policy

& The Obama Edict

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