How To Contact City Council Members.

City Council Email Addresses

Don’t spend much time on your email letter – Council meeting attendance is far more important.

District 1: Joyce Morgan; Email: JoyceMorgan@coj.net
District 2: Al Ferraro; Email: Ferraro@coj.net
District 3: Aaron L. Bowman; Email: ABowman@coj.net
District 4: Scott Wilson; Email: SWilson@coj.net
District 5: Lori N. Boyer; Email: LBoyer@coj.net
District 6: Matt Schellenberg; Email: MattS@coj.net
District 7: Reggie Gaffney; Email: RGaffney@coj.net
District 8: Katrina Brown; Email: KBrown@coj.net
District 9: Garrett L. Dennis; Email: GarrettD@coj.net
District 10: Reginald L. Brown; Email: RBrown@coj.net
District 11: Danny Becton; Email: DBecton@coj.net
District 12: Doyle Carter; Email: DoyleC@coj.net
District 13: Bill Gulliford; Email: Gulliford@coj.net
District 14: Jim Love; Email: JimLove@coj.net
At Large 1: Anna Lopez Brosche; Email: ABrosche@coj.net
At Large 2: John R. Crescimbeni; Email: JRC@coj.net
At Large 3: Tommy Hazouri; Email: THazouri@coj.net
At Large 4: Greg Anderson; Email: GAnderson@coj.net
At Large 5: Samuel Newby; Email: SNewby@coj.net

Or, to send one email to all Council members, just copy and paste the following onto your email BCC line:

JoyceMorgan@coj.net; Ferraro@coj.net; ABowman@coj.net; SWilson@coj.net; LBoyer@coj.net; MattS@coj.net; RGaffney@coj.net; KBrown@coj.net; GarrettD@coj.net; RBrown@coj.net; DBecton@coj.net; DoyleC@coj.net; Gulliford@coj.net; JimLove@coj.net; ABrosche@coj.net; JRC@coj.net; THazouri@coj.net; GAnderson@coj.net; SNewby@coj.net

          With an issue as significant as this, the BEST way to get City Council attention is to attend and to speak at Council meetings.  Council members know that it is easy to write emails and make phone calls.  So, they are moved primarily by citizen attendance and personal presentations.
          Of course, send emails in addition to attending and speaking.  Make the email concise and to the point.  And, put
I oppose the LGBT ordinance in the subject line.  In volume cases like this, often aides merely tally the “For” and “Against”, and report those numbers to the Council member.
To send ONE email to ALL Council members insert all email addresses into the BCC: line of the email.  Below, you will find a collection of addresses, separated by a semi-colons.  Just Copy and Past that string onto the email's BCC: line.