​​No Men in Women’s Bathrooms

The proposed LGBT favoritism ordinance

will make “sexual orientation” and
gender identity or expression” new

protected classes.

DefendJaxFamilies is made up of parents

and family members who do not want their

daughters, sisters or mothers forced to

share restrooms in public facilities with

gender-confused men, who – under this

ordinance – can call themselves “women” on a whim and use women’s restrooms whenever they wish. 

“Women Only” restrooms, dressing rooms, locker rooms and dormitories will cease to exist.

This “bathroom ordinance”, therefore, is an attempt to re-structure society to fit a societal vision we simply do not share or can support.

The ordinance also limits free speech and religious expression in unprecedented ways, so as to not “offend” these two new “protected” groups, both of which are defined by their BEHAVIORS – not by characteristics 
assigned at birth.

Under this law the members of this new protected class determine whether an offense has been committed against them.  They alone determine whether the law applies.

We consider the ordinance to be an attack on the traditional family.

In the interest of our children and our families, the men and women behind 
DefendJaxFamilies urge all Jacksonville voters to oppose the proposed ordinance by contacting your City Council Member any by participating in Mayor Curry’s Community Conversation meetings.