Dear Duval Pastors & Ministers:

1. At the bottom of this page, please "sign" the anti-HRO Pastor's Statement.

2. And, please urge the Faithful to attend the HRO  City Council meetings.   

If our turnout is low, we lose.

Jacksonville Pastors & Ministers Statement

Opposing Jacksonville City Council Bill 2017-15, HRO Ordinance

We, as Christian church pastors and ministers, oppose City Council bill 2017-15.

Whereas: We believe God’s holy word,
the Bible, is clear on the topic of homosexuality, that it is sin and not an acceptable or healthy lifestyle.  We believe good moral public policy, that reflects family values and upholds biblical principle, is the cornerstone to a healthy, moral and blessed city.  We believe, according to Holy Scripture, that God will bless a community that upholds His guiding principles.  However, if we as a city or government body deviate from Biblical principles in our public policy, we will be subject to God’s judgment.

Whereas: During a two-week period in early 2016, Jacksonville’s
church members signed nearly 10,000 petitions opposing an LGBT preferential rights law in Jacksonville.

Whereas: The so-called “Religious exemption” of bill 2017-15 is a hoax.  
Such a law will curb individual religious and Constitutional freedoms.  It applies only to religious entities, not to an individual’s right to personal religious conviction and freedom.  Thus the ordinance endangers individual religious and Constitutional liberties and moral conscience, the freedoms to conduct the one’s personal life and business as he sees fit.  And, the exemption will be nonexistent in many cases, since many institutions will be considered “public accommodations”.

Whereas: The law
fails to exempt organizations that are “unaffiliated” with an institutional “church.” – dozens of independent ministries and charities which provide social services to the poor, homeless, disadvantaged, orphaned, and destitute, including pregnancy centers, foster care ministries, marriage ministries, and inner city ministries.

Whereas: The law
gives men the right to use those showers, locker rooms and bathrooms designated for women.  Single-sex facility policies cannot be enforced without risking fines, penalties and punishment.  Single-sex privacy will be eliminated for abuse and homeless shelters, youth summer camps, and gyms, spas and fitness centers.

Whereas: The law hides other restrictions.  The General Counsel is given unlimited ability to reword code language (the
“finalization and codification . . . without further Council action”), to achieve whatever the sponsors intended, “to effectuate the purposes of this ordinance”.

Therefore: Based on the Holy Scriptures, we as Christian pastors and ministers of the gospel of Jesus Christ,
oppose this LGBT favoritism law and profoundly disagree with any professed pastor or minister who supports a law endorsing homosexual or unbiblical sexual lifestyles.  Anyone that does so errs from Gods word in the Holy Scriptures.

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