Council Sponsors Want The City To Cower To Bullies

Philip Wemhoff | 13Jan2017 | http://jacksonville.com/opinion/2017-01-12/lead-letter-lgbt-machine-tries-destroy-opponents-its-extremist-agenda

The LGBT Machine demands tolerance from others, but it is the most intolerant movement in America.

Leftwing comedian Bill Maher calls it
the “Gay Mafia”.  Lesbian Tammy Bruce labels it the “Gay Gestapo”.

Elsewhere, government abets this moral outrage by
fining business owners ruinous amounts for refusing to violate their consciences.

Locally, City Council sponsors of the preferential LGBT rights ordinance insist that, unless the law is enacted, Jacksonville will suffer retributions similar to those inflicted upon North Carolina and other locales – bully boycotts by LGBT-pandering sports and entertainment programs.

This is the blackmail which the LGBT machine threatens, if the City does not comply with its demands.

Our parents and America’s moral heritage teach us to fight back against such bullies and thugs.

But, instead of standing up to this national bully movement, these legislative sponsors have become collaborators of the bullies.

They tell City leaders: Become like us; appease the extortionists; surrender to the bullies as we have – do what they want, for money – you relinquish only your honor.

The bill’s sponsors try to subvert the City’s moral compass – they call capitulation to bullies a “good business decision” for Jacksonville.

Such cowering is not the American valor of our Founding Fathers, who knew that such cowardice is dishonorable and that it emboldens unrelenting extortion, here and elsewhere.

Find Courage – practice it, and you will not die ashamed of your life.

Philip Wemhoff is a physicist and building researcher