Tampa Citizens may have a  chance  to repeal their LGBT law.    See

The LGBTs will be targeting these Council meetings.  Please attend.
Jan 12  5:00p  City Council meeting
Jan 26  5:00p  City Council, Public Hearing

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  1. The easiest way is to complete the data entry form, located at the bottom of this page.  Then, you are entirely finished.
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  3. Or, print the Petition on paper and mail, fax or email it.  And, distribute it at church and to like-minded friends.

HELP: If you download the pdf form, it can be completed on your computer using Acrobat Reader - no need to print a paper copy (except to distribute at church and to friends). 

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Advisory Petition Urging City Council to Institute

a Citizen Referendum to OPPOSE Extra LGBT Rights

City Council will hold 4 "Meetings of the Whole" (schedule below) on both the Gulliford bill and the Hazouri bill.  See the bills here  and more on the schedule here.

This is URGENT.  Please complete and return all forms AS SOON AS POSSIBLE:

  • By completing the Online Form at the  bottom of this page.
  • By mail to: Florida Family Action, 4853 South Orange Avenue, Orlando, Florida  32806
  • By Fax to: 407.251.0023
  • By email to: info@FLfamily.org

Instructions.  There are THREE ways to complete the Petition:

This Petition supports Councilman Gulliford's bill 2016-01

to institute a Public Referendum on the Issue

To the Jacksonville, Florida (Duval County) City Council:

We, the citizens of Duval County, urge City Council to institute a Citizen Referendum to decide whether special rights should be granted to Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender (LGBT) individuals.  We oppose such special favoritism, because:

  • The term “Human Rights Ordinance” is a hoax.  This proposed LGBT ordinance is a preferential treatment law.  It grants SUPERIOR RIGHTS to LGBTs, while taking away rights from others.
  • In all “Public Accommodations” men alleging a female gender have unfettered access to women’s and children’s, dressing, locker, shower and restrooms, even dormitories – an unstoppable predator opportunity.  Boys may enter girls’ dressing areas to expose themselves and to view girls in all stages of undress.
  • This law destroys the foremost moral obligation of parents: To ensure the safety of their children.
  • Businesses will NOT be told what “gender expressions” they must tolerated to avoid prosecution – that is determined by the daily whim of the official “victim”.  So, owners will be sitting ducks for ruinous lawsuits.
  • The law will curb Free Speech and Religious Speech against LGBT behavior.  It punishes opposition to LGBT lifestyles.
  • Businesses are forced to provide services that support LGBT lifestyles.  Defense for one complaint could exceed $20,000.
  • LGBT’s will receive preferences in hiring, layoffs and in housing disputes.
  • There is no objective, documented proof of discrimination.  Hard-earned taxpayer dollars will be wasted on needless government costs.