The Atlantic Beach Warning
In August 2015, Atlantic Beach voters fired shot across the bow of Jacksonville City Council.  There, both mayor and commissioner (the only offices contested) 
where thrown out of office for imposing an unwattanted LGBT preference law, which they disguised as a "human rights ordinance".

The Public is 
outraged by elected officials who fall over themselves pandering to 2% of the population and its deceptive arguments – and granting SUPERIOR (not equal) rights to LGBT’s – with no objective, documented justification.

Unknown to the Public, City Council is now swarming with outside LGBT lobbyists demanding a LGBT preference law.  The shills include a 
new Equality Florida annex and 7 fulltime lobbyists from the national Human Rights Campaign, whose annual budget is $42 million and whose 67 year old co-founder recently escaped child-rape  prosecution by means of his $225,000 “civil compromise” payment to the boy's family.

The Law Is Not Justified
1.  No excuse for this LGBT preferential treatment law is valid:
      1.1.  Claims of intolerance are disproved by unrivaled LGBT in-migration.  LGBT’s flock to Jacksonville
more per capita than any other Florida city, and more than cities boasting LGBT “rights” laws.

      1.2.  Talent won’t bypass Jacksonville.  
Census data reveal“there’s little or no evidence that same-sex couples consider LGBT laws in deciding where to move”, notes foremost LGBT demographer Gary J Gates.  Dr Gates adds: “Their [migration] patterns look like the broader patterns [of everyone else] in the U.S.   They’re moving south and west”.  “States reporting the biggest increases in same-sex couples in the last decade . . . are among the most socially-conservative states in the nation.”
     1.3.  The only
objective local research, the 2009 JCCI Study, confirms that anti-LGBT incidents are exceedingly rare: For each LGBT, one ordinance-prohibited event occurs, on average, only once every 20.4 years.  The 2009 study date is very important.  In 2009 no LGBT law was anticipated, and study participants had no need to justify a LGBT law.  So, their 2009 stories are not embellished.

Jacksonville’s economy is thriving, debunking claims that commerce weakens when LGBT laws are absent.   To the contrary, in the 12 months following its rejection of the 2012 law Jacksonville saw “the greatest economic  improvement in the entire country, boasts one of the top 20 economies” and became “the strongest economy  in Florida”, reports Jacksonville Business Journal, citing monthly federal data.  And, Jacksonville's economy continues to expand dramatically to this day.  See current success reports here.

     When LGBT activists urge costly social legislation to prevent alleged widespread “discrimination”, elected representatives are duty-bound to demand indisputable proof of such pervasive discrimination.  But, they never get that proof.  Instead, they get changing anecdotes of ill-treatment – often stories of crimes and affronts NOT remedied by the proposed legislation.

     Although all justification is missing, some City Council members slander the Community, calling it intolerant and unjust, and seek to drag the Community into permanent social and financial injury.  As in 
Atlantic Beach, they’ve joined wealthy outside factions to sacrifice this key holdout city to the power lust of the nationwide LGBT movement.

The LGBT Law Inflicts Great Harm
2.  Here’s a sampling of the wrongs which misguided lawmakers hope to inflict upon the Public, the costs of which they refuse to calculate:

2.1.  Special protections will be granted for unspecified, unlimited behavior, called “gender expression”, an ever-evolving[1] right granted to no other group of Americans.
            Within business, property and all other "public accommodations", members of this new protected class are free to undertake any action, mannerism, appearance, gesture, language or attire, which they alone deem consistent with the “expression” of their lifestyles.  And, lawmakers fear detailing IN ADVANCE the specific “gender expressions” which businesses must tolerate to avoid prosecution.  So, this law makes business owners “sitting ducks” for ruinous legal actions.

2.2.  Individual business and property owners will be subjected to more lawsuits and increasing government intrusion into their decisions.  Defense against one discrimination complaint could easily exceed $20,000 in legal fees, plus costs and lost time.
            And, a Human Rights Commission ruling goes to court with a “presumption of correctness”, allowing the judge to jail the “offender” indefinitely until he complies.  A difficult condition for the “offender”, since the standards of “sexual orientation” and “discrimination” are subjective and indefinable.

2.3.  LGBT’s will tend to receive preferences in hiring and layoffs and in housing disputes, driven by the implied threat of legal action.

2.4.  Men, who allege a female “identity”, gain unfettered access to women's and girls’ restrooms, locker rooms, showers and dormitories, viewing women and children in all stages of undress.  “Women-only” public facilities cease to exist.  The law will override the principal obligation of parents: To protect their children.

            Sex attacks will increase – managers will be conditioned by lawsuits to allow men into girls’ facilities without challenge.  Affected businesses and institutions will be subject to additional lawsuits, because they will be powerless to protect users of their bathroom, dressing, and sleeping facilities from predators hiding behind the claim of “gender identity or expression”, a claim which no one is permitted to challenge before or after the event.
            The rights of the self-styled “female” mean everything, and the rights to privacy, modesty and safety of the many women and children mean nothing.
            Public institutions and nearly all private businesses and organizations are subjugated by this law.  So, they will be forced to accept in their facilities every unusual or offensive conduct excused as “gender identity or expression”, a protected behavior.
            Rational concerns for modesty, privacy, and safety will be re-categorized as “discrimination” under the new (and far from settled) concept of “gender identity.”  Domestic abuse shelters must allow biological men who claim a female “identity” to sleep in the women’s dormitories.
            Small enterprises, which account for most Jacksonville businesses, will suffer most from the oppressive law.  And, many will be considered "public accommodations", so the 15-employee exemption will not apply.  Some will depart Duval County rather than face the added legal risks.

2.5.  The law governs facilities in all nurseries and preschools, and in any school or college including private religious schools, if they utilize the slightest public asset.

2.6.  Businesses must expend large sums to alter their facilities to accommodate atypical and constantly shifting modes of “gender identity or expression” of which there are many[1] and still growing.

2.7.  Businesses will be induced to control Free Speech.  Any unwanted language uttered by employees, customers, visitors or tenants may be considered actionable “discrimination”, if deemed offensive solely by the official “victim”.  Even use of an
unwelcome pronoun, He rather than She, may provoke crippling legal action.
            The vast majority of citizens believes in the natural definition of marriage: The union of a man and a woman — unchanged worldwide for millennia.  But anyone who dares express this conviction in a consensual conversation is guilty of discrimination, if “discrimination” is perceived by someone overhearing it.

2.8.  The 15-employee exclusion does not omit any business, no matter the size, from the public accommodations" provisions of the law, nor from the bath, shower and locker room provisions.
            Businesses involving creative expression (e.g. photographers, advertising, graphic design) or counseling (e.g. relationship counselors, financial advisers, CPAs, attorneys) can be forced to provide services that ultimately support and promote lifestyles which the owner may oppose as a matter of conscience.

2.9.  Religious Society activities are exempt only if they operate “for persons of the same religion”.  So, charitable activities, like feeding the homeless, may not be exempt.  Employment by a Religious Society is not exempt, unless it is directly “connected with . . . religious activities”.
            Any church that opens its doors to non-members is a “public accommodation” and not exempt.  Organizations with a religious mission to feed the homeless or arrange adoptions are exposed to liability for professing their beliefs.
            The law would redefine “male” and “female” for all nurseries and preschools, even church schools providing Florida’s
Voluntary Prekindergarten Education Program.

2.10.  The new law would grant the Jacksonville Human Rights Commission enormous coercive power to receive and investigate complaints, subpoena documents and witnesses, compel “conciliation” or a trial, order compliance with its interpretation of the law, and file suit to enforce its orders, seeking damages and injunctions, and refer their cases to the State Attorney for criminal prosecution.
            In “fair housing” matters, the Commission may impose fines up to $50,000, and award attorneys fees to the complaining party.  In “public accommodation” matters, it may give an individual the right to sue in court.  In “employment” and “fair housing” matters, the Commission may refer cases to the State Attorney for criminal prosecution (up to $500 and/or 90 days in jail).

2.11.  The law hides other curbs on Liberty.  Unlike prior LGBT laws, now the General Counsel is given unlimited ability to reword this code language (its “finalization and codification . . . without further Council action”), to achieve whatever the authors intended, “to effectuate the purposes of this ordinance”.

2.12.  City and judiciary costs will increase needlessly, wasting hard-earned taxpayer dollars.
            LGBT forces will demand the hiring of LGBT liaisons for the mayor and sheriff and the establishment of anti-bullying regulations.
            Increased taxes will be needed to prosecute business and property owners, and to modify the restrooms and locker rooms in public and private buildings - all to eliminate nonexistent discrimination which Council sponsors have an obligation to prove, but for which they have submitted no documentation (even the sponsors' bill affirms that Jacksonville is a "welcoming" city and cites no incidence of discrimination).

            This pretend “human rights” law is designed to gain LGBT power, victim status, special privilege and acceptance, and to suppress criticism – while curbing the rights of others and endangering women and children.  It is a means by the LGBT movement to criminalize unwanted ideas and opposition.
            But, the Atlantic Beach revolt warns Jacksonville that citizens are tired of being wrongly labeled bigots and haters by their representatives.  And, they’re tired of being told they’re too ignorant to comprehend this fake “human rights” issue.
            The LGBT conquest will not stop with Jacksonville.  When done here, the well-funded, militant, invasion force will move on to its
next target city in the “recalcitrant” South, as Houston and Charlotte well know.

            Help us make certain that the LGBT machine’s dissolute grip on America is broken here – that its scheme to shackle the U.S. in LGBT favoritism laws is finally brought to an end.

consider donating to this cause.  Thank you.

[1].    Researchers at the UCLA School of Law report 14 distinct categories in addition to Transgender, including Gender-Queers, Gender-Rebels, Gender-Variant, Intersex, Androgynous, Third-Gender and Two-Spirit.  See 
http://williamsinstitute.law.ucla.edu/wp-content/uploads/Harrison-Herman-Grant-AGender-Apr-2012.pdf and http://williamsinstitute.law.ucla.edu/wp-content/uploads/geniuss-report-sep-2014.pdf

Jacksonville, Florida has been invaded by a horde of wealthy outside national forces seeking a LGBT favoritism law, one similar to that rejected by Jacksonville in 2012.

Please help us defeat the ordinance, or, if necessary, overthrow the law by referendum.

This pretend “human rights” law is designed to gain LGBT power, victim status, special privilege and acceptance, and to suppress criticism – while curbing the rights of others.

Why this Law


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